Monday, September 21, 2009

Extreme athlete and author Seymour Rifkind speaks to Cross Country student-athletes

Extreme athlete and author Seymour Rifkind inspired DePaul's cross country student-athletes in a speech in the McGrath Arena's Hall of Fame Foyer.

Rifkind, author of the 21st Century Samurai, challenged the cross country student-athletes to reach their potential by sharing his experiences as an athlete. The student-athletes were inspired by his efforts to train and complete in the Ironman and Badwater.

Rifkind's story is one of defying odds and attacking insurmountable obstacles. He shared his holistic approach to reach their best on and off the course.

"If my student athletes can pick up on only 10% of what Seymour Rifkind recommended, they will be 50% better student athletes,” stated Head Cross Country Coach, Pat Savage.

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