Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cross Country Welcomes World Champion Eammon Coghlan

DePaul Cross Country welcomes three guest speakers Eammon Coghlan, a three-time Olympian and world championship winning /Gold Medal athlete, spoke to the Cross Country team about the importance of persevering and maintain a positive attitude in the bleakest of moments.

Coghlan used his experience as a collegiate student-athlete to effectively convey his message to the DePaul Cross Country Team. His delivery was genuine and his message powerful… “Have Tunnel Vision; Believe in yourself and your abilities; and never, ever worry about the other runners.”

Coghlan reminisced about his journey to Villanova from Dublin, Ireland to run track. He talked about his ups and downs…and encouraged the student-athletes to listen to the people closest to you, because “they’re the most important.”

Coghlan who is the author of “Chairman of the Boards” was in town for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon.