Thursday, February 25, 2010

Artist Needs a Little Help on Miniature Project

To artist Stuart Gootnik, little things are everything.

Two years ago in celebration of the inaugural running of The DePaul Relays, Stuart Gootnik built his first miniature masterpiece for DePaul when he created a scale model of the Outdoor Track at Lane Stadium. He labored over the model for months trying to get all the details correct: lining the track, insuring the texture of the long jump pits and shot put rings were appropriate, and making sure the brick work on the exterior was exactly right. Currently the model is located inside the varsity sports suite on the fourth floor of the Sullivan Athletic Center.

"The model of the Outdoor Track is priceless," DePaul Track Coach Pat Savage said. "It allows our alumni and visitors to see a perfect representation of the Outdoor Track when they visit the Sullivan Athletic Center."

Gootnik has built a number of historic buildings from across the country like the Touro Synagogue - Newport, Rhode Island which is on display in the National Museum of Jewish History in Philadelphia. He also has constructed replicas of several local attractions like the Charnley Persky House - an early example of the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and the Robie House.

For the last year, Gootnik has embarked on an effort to recreate a model of Alumni Hall. Painstakingly, he has researched the historic arena, viewing pictures, blue prints, interviewing coaches and watching old videos. Gootnik is now working on the finishing touches of the model and needs some help from Blue Demon fans.

Gootnik is looking for any color pictures of the interior or exterior of Alumni Hall. He is especially in need of color exterior shots of Alumni Hall. The artist is looking to find the exact color of the outside walls.

Working in miniature is all about the details.

Please send any digital images of Alumni to Hall to Thad Dohrn at

Works completed by artist Stuart Gootnik
Touro Synagogue - Newport, Rhode Island (National Museum of Jewish History in Philadelphia)
Our Lady of Angeles Disaster - Chicago (Fire Museum of Greater Chicago)
Robie House - Chicago (Private collection)
Charnley Persky House - Chicago (Private collection)
Lane Stadium and Outdoor Track - Chicago (DePaul University Athletics)
DePaul University Alumni Hall - Chicago (Work in Progress)

Charnley Persky House