Wednesday, April 21, 2010

DePaul Basketball Adds 12 All-Americans

When talking with basketball alumni from the 40s, the names Bob Neu and Stan Szukala almost always come up. Inevitably the two stars' names would be linked with the phrase All-American. DePaul has long recognized their achievement with induction into the DePaul Athletic Hall of Fame and their names stand among Blue Demon giants, but they have never been recognized officially as All-Americans.

Bob Neu and Stan Szukala and six other Blue Demons can now officially be referred to as All-Americans after their verification in the NCAA's book, Men's Basketball's Finest. The book can be downloaded in its entirety  by clicking HERE. The book has a chapter that includes every All-America team from the top division of men's basketball that could be researched. The teams include teams picked by magazines that are out of print to today's sports websites.

With the additions, DePaul men's basketball student-athletes have now been recognized as All-Americans 38 times in the school's storied hoops history. 

Pictured to the above is 1957 All-American Richard Heise (#14). He was named to the third-team of the Helm's Foundation's All-American team. Heise averaged 24.3 points per game his senior year. His 1957 scoring effort ranks him second all-time at DePaul behind Mark Aguirre's 26.8 ppg in 1980.

New Additions to DePaul's All-America List
Ed Campion - 1937 - first team - MSG
Robert Neu - 1938 - second team - MSG
Robert Neu - 1939 - first team - MSG
Stan Szukala - 1939 - second team - MSG
Lou Prosser - 1940 - second - MSG
Stan Szukala - 1940 - first team - MSG
Elmer Gainer - 1941 - second team - MSG
George Mikan - 1943 - second team - Helms
Ed Mikan - 1948 - third team - Helms
Ron Sobie - 1956 - second team - Converse and Helms Foundation
Richard Heise - 1957 - third team - Helms Foundation 
Clyde Bradshaw - 1980 - second team - Converse