Monday, April 26, 2010

DePaul to Create Letterwinners Plaza and Champions Courtyard

DePaul Athletics is celebrating the legacy of Letterwinners with the creation of the Letterwinners Plaza and Champions Courtyard west of Cacciatore Stadium.

The plaza will be a monument to the success of Blue Demon athletics and the donors, friends and family that have sacrificed to make Blue Demon successes a reality.

The Letterwinners Plaza and Champions Courtyard will become a destination for letterwinners, fans and their families when they return to Lincoln Park to see DePaul University. Imagine the pride of your family members when they see your name listed among the all-time great Blue Demons.

You have the exclusive opportunity to purchase your brick, starting at $200. All gifts are tax-deductible with the proceeds benefiting the Cacciatore Stadium renovations.

Large Bricks (12x12 and 8x8) can have up to four lines of text with limited characters. Your message might be as simple as a name and date or as elaborate as a favorite quote. Please note DePaul reserves the right to approve all messages.

Letterwinners Bricks will feature the same layout to ensure continuity. All Letterwinners bricks will have the D Logo. Donor bricks will have primary logo.

The Champions Plaza is a part of the Cacciatore Stadium - Phase II renovations. When completed, the renovations will make a state-of-the-art fan-centered stadium for Blue Demon softball and soccer.

For more information, call Jennifer Thomas at 773-325-8604.